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About Our Mission


About Our Mission and Ministry



My name is Ssenyonjo Musa. I am 30 years. I grew up with my grandmother in Mityana district.

I met Jesus 20 years back I was a rebellious man who was not like to hear about Jesus. I grew with my grandmother when I was young but my grandmother was a Catholic. She had an image of fearing God but she was a wicked person. She started torturing me, and I ended on street and I started to beg to get something to eat, but when I was on street started to use drugs. One day, I met a man who was good-hearted and good to me, he took me to his home he had different people and children he cares for, he was a good man to us he was Christian and loved Jesus he showed me Jesus the way he loves us and all people I have been with, I decided to accept Jesus as my person LORD and savior.

I became a new creature and the love of God come into my heart and I started to love people from that time I got the heart to help others, and I started to share the love of God to others. I see people give their life to Christ through me when I share with them the love of God!. God changed me, and father and I have orphanage children I care about them, one of my goals is to demonstrate the love of Jesus in their lives!!


1. To Change the Life of Those, Who Have no Hope!.
2. To go where few or little opportunity for the gospel and support homeless and needy children. Mainstreaming the Orphan, needy, and Street children in the permanent home building as we continue to provide care, support & protection through shelter, food, and education.
3. To provide orphan/semi orphan/street children, a childhood that they never experienced and help them to become useful members of society.

4. To make available a secure place where orphan/semi orphan/street children can play and enjoy their childhood.

5. To provide basic education to orphan/semi orphan/street children.

6. To provide such welfare services as free lodging, boarding, health, and recreation

7. To provide basic literacy and facilities for those who wish to study further

8. To select and prepare for a vocation in order to live on their own legs


Our Mission

Attracting hope of victory and contributing to the physical and spiritual well-being of children by providing health support livelihood skills and spiritual nurturing.

Our Vision

A God-fearing generation free from illiteracy and poverty.

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